Some men seem to have misconceived the female gender. Seeing many a husband
maltreating their wives is quite unimaginable to me. Some wives have somehow been
painted as slaves and as though they had no freedom of theirs. A close look at some homes
reveals that the wife alone takes care of the home, the children and even work, at times, to
meet the needs in the family while the husband has become a mere dictator and a tireless
sex agent. What an abuse of marriage!
I remember the violence that led to the dissolution of a two-year old wedlock. This woman
was really fatigued after working so hard in the day. She could not cook and her dinner for
that night was skipped. Meanwhile, she had to chat with her boss on phone to fulfil the
requirement of an important business proposal. Though she wished she could postpone it. It
was too late to break such an official agreement. She then began a WhatsApp chat with her
Not really long that the chat began, her husband returned from his office and entered the
room with an unusual look and very abruptly, he removed his wears, jumped on the bed
where the wife was lying and began to caress her in order to open a foreplay for a love-
making moment but in a quite polite manner, the wife tenderly said to him ‘’Dear, I am
tired. Please, let us make it tomorrow morning before I leave for work’’. ‘’How dare you say
that to me?’’ the husband angrily revolted. He then made further advances but the wife
strongly remained indifferent. The man, being extremely vexed, forcefully collected his
wife’s phone and smashed it against the wall and it got torn into pieces consequently. As if
that was not enough, he mercilessly hit her with countless fists until she almost lost her
breath. The noise and the scream from the woman’s broken jaw immediately invited some
peace- loving neighbours who had been unbearably disturbed from their night rest. They
felt a deep pity for the woman as she was helplessly shattered and injured. She was
therefore rushed to a nearby hospital immediately.
Surprisingly enough, the husband stayed back at home anticipating a sincere apology from
his wife who was still bedridden at the hospital. It was far from the expectation that the
heartless man would be remorseful.
This woman was eventually discharged and without considering a second thought, she went
straight to the home, packed all her belongings and with tears, she headed for her mother’s
house where she was married two years ago. That was the end of the unfortunate union.

‘’ Why should our wives suffer such abuse?’’ Can’t they have their own ambitions and the
freedom to pursue them even with the full support of their husbands? ‘’. These and many
more questions crossed my heavy heart. Women are not slaves; they are entitled to their
own freedom. The Maker made them blessings and not burdens for men to bear. If a man
cannot take a good care of a woman, he should shun marriage and embrace his misogyny
tightly rather than having a wife and abusing her. Women – amazingly beautiful creatures of



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